Cardboard and paper packaging

Corrugated packaging protect the product against damage, contamination or moisture. Choosing the proper structure and optimum material, i.e. paper and cardboard, allows one to obtain best product utility. 
These can be achieved with our numerous machines and the flexographic printing techniques.

Corrugated cardboard is now the most common material used for the manufacture of packaging.

Corrugated packaging are manufactured from such materials as 3-ply B, C, E-flute cardboard and 5-ply BC and BE-flute cardboard. 

Format maximum length: 4600 mm
Format minimum length:       500 mm
Format maximum width:      2800 mm without offcut
                                               2770 mm with offcut
Format minimum width:         140 mm
Creasing:                                    28 creases

Cardboards come with white or brown coating. We manufacture packaging as per the FEFCO catalogue. 
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