Corrugated board packaging include:

- straightline boxes (standard);
- die cut boxes (non-typical shapes);
- box elements and related products: partitions, dividers, trays and wrappers.
Boxes are made specifically to individual requirements with customized length, width and height (given in mm). To choose from are 3-ply (B, C, E-flute) and 5-ply (BC, BE-flute) cardboard packaging. Each packaging type allows flexographic or screen printing. Our company also fills small orders, e.g. of less than 100 items, which are a problem for other manufacturers. We select proper density, external coating type, flute thickness and the number of plies and provide our customers with the most optimal packaging. We offer glued, stitched or both glued and stitched cartons with handles (for carrying), perforated (for easy detachment of upper covers) and with holes.
They are intended for foods, chemicals, clothes, furniture, household appliances and AV equipment, footwear,  industrial fittings, agricultural products and for the use in the automotive and construction sector, among others. There are many types of corrugated cardboards, each with different technical specification.
Haber 2015