Manual wrap

Blown stretch wrap for manual wrapping is multilayer wrap
used to protect cargo on pallets during transport. It ensures that goods are kept clean and allows shipment identification due to its transparency.

Stretch wraps for manual wrapping sold by our company are very popular mainly due to the optimum tear resistance, strength and elasticity.

  •   Available colours: transparent, black, blue
  •    We sell wraps with the following thicknesses: 12-30 µ 


Wrap net weight

Thickness Wrap weight

1,00 kg

1,50 kg

2,50 kg

3,00 kg


145 m

217 m

362 m

435 m


128 m

192 m

320 m

384 m


95 m

142 m

236 m

284 m


73 m

109 m

181 m

217 m


                                       Wrap is sold in packs of six wrap rolls.

                                    Wrap is wound on 50 mm diameter cores

                                         Core weight: 0.20-0.50 dekagrams

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