Packing accessories

Wire, metal and plastic clips/fasteners

Fastening with clips/fasteners is the cheapest and the most durable attachment method for polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) tapes. The high quality of workmanship allow the clips/fasteners to provide reliable, durable and safe connections.

Fastening tools

Light manual fastening tools for tape fastening are a perfect solution for joining tapes with metal clips/fasteners, while ensuring the proper connection strength and durability.
Proper stretching leverage allows a tape to be tightened easily. The tape is then cut off automatically, making redundant the use of additional tools. The entire tape clipping procedure is not time consuming and requires no major effort. Whatever tape you use, we have fastening tools for fastening all sizes of PP and PET tapes along with the proper metal, wire and plastic clips/fasteners.

PP and PET tape sealing machines

Easy-to-operate power tape sealing machines are now a must at every company. With proper parameters set, they automatically tighten, seal and cut off a tape being sealed.

This means that no major physical effort is required to properly secure goods carried on pallets, as well as shortening the fastening time itself. It also makes redundant the use of additional clips/fasteners or other connecting elements. The resulting seal is as strong as a metal clip/fastener and has much greater strength than plastic clips/fasteners. The machines are intended for fastening tapes of virtually all sizes, from 5 to 19 mm.

We provide machines powered from different sources:

- buttery powered machines, useful where no power network is available;

- AC 230V supplied machines.
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