PET tapes

Polyester packaging tapes called PET tapes are a good replacement for steel tapes. The perfect properties of the tapes ensure the best cargo protection.

Polyester tapes are manufactured from the highest quality materials, allowing them to meet industrial, automatic and manual packing requirements for any cargo.

Polyester retains its properties at high temperatures or under the effect of UV radiation or moisture. PET tape tensile strength is comparable to the tensile strength of a steel tape.

Polyester tape has a wide application. It can be used:

- in the packaging industry;

- for manual and machine cargo packing;

- for cargo palletisation;

- for log binding;

- for wooden parquet packing;

- for sheet, boxes and cardboard binding;

- for cargo protection during transport;

- for paving blocks, ceramic tiles and stone packing;

- in the paper industry.

Polyester tapes can be used for other purposes, depending on the customer needs. They are suitable for any type of automatic and semi-automatic sealing. They can also be joined manually using metal clips/fasteners.

Haber 2015