PP tapes

Due to the advanced and efficient production technology, polypropylene packaging tapes are now important and valued products. The wide range of our tapes is well sufficient for the market demand.

High quality expressed in perfect linearity, sealing properties and strength allows our products to be used in many branches of industry, including the service sector, and for automatic and manual packing.

Polypropylene packaging tape is an inexpensive, high quality packaging material which allows precise, neat and safe packing and anchoring of any items or cargos.
The tape is a good replacement for hoop iron, retaining its strength and durability.

Polypropylene tape has a wide scope of application, including:

- in the packaging sector;

- for manual and machine cargo packing;

- in cargo palletisation;

- in timber industry;

- for logs banding and wooden parquet packing;

- in the furniture industry;

- for furniture components packing, in paving and stonemasonry;

- for paving blocks, ceramic tiles and stone packing;

- in the paper industry;

- for sheet, boxes and cardboard binding and as mat production material;

- for protecting cargos in transport.

Standard PP tape parameters:

Width: 5-19 mm

Wound product length: 7,000 m

Polypropylene tapes can be used for other purposes, depending on the customer needs. They are suitable for any type of automatic and semi-automatic sealing. They can also be joined manually using metal, wire or plastic clips/fasteners.
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