Wrap for hay silage

Silage wraps are high quality blown stretch wraps made of best materials. They are intended mainly for storing machine baled hay in the field.

Silage wrap improves the use of concentrated feeds: it improves mineral properties and ensures availability of active biological substances for silage. In addition, the solution requires only small financial outlays.

Silage wraps have good mechanical properties and are highly resistant to puncture and tear. Due to UV stabiliser and the five-layered structure, silage wrap withstands any weather and remains intact for up to 12 months from baling. Silage wraps come in the following colours and widths: white, black and green, 500 mm and 750 mm in width. The product is much appreciated due to its elasticity and very good gluing properties which ensure tight bale closure protecting against moisture and air penetration. It is also environmentally friendly.
Haber 2015